New Life

It was an astonishing discovery the women made that first Easter morning.  The gray shimmers of dawn found them approaching the forbidding chamber into which, not many hours before, the broken body of Jesus had been placed.  They came with spices to complete the sad task of burial.  Their hope was nowhere in sight.  Their expectations were shattered.  They were looking for nothing more than dealing, as best they could, with the reality of their Lord’s death.  The biggest thing on their minds was who would roll the large stone away from the tomb so they could perform one last act of love for Jesus.

Were they ever in for a surprise.  The stone was rolled away.  Jesus was gone from the tomb.  An angel was there to let them know what had happened.  Jesus had risen!  He was alive!  There was new life!  They were to go and tell the disciples.

This discovery of new life was overwhelming to the women and the others.  It was hard to believe.  But the risen Jesus appeared several times during the next forty days, quieted their fears and gave them assurance of this new life.  Jesus had won new life for them and was going to do all he could to make sure they received and lived in it.  He had paid too much to win it to let them continue without hope or expectation beyond the power of sin and death.

Jesus is there for you now to quiet your fears and give you assurance of new life.  Jesus has won new life for you and is going to do all he can to make sure you receive and live in it.  He paid too much to win it to let you continue without hope or expectation beyond the power of sin and death.

The promise is that, “just as Christ was raised from the dead by the wonderful power of the Father, we also can live a new life.” —Romans 6:4b


Spreading, Serving and Sharing with You,

Pastor Carl