Two Con Contacts–Keeping Connected, Showing Concern

As we approach the summer, I would like to talk about congregational care. Congregational care is especially important to consider when folks are traveling and taking opportunity for some weekend events and activities. Congregational care, to me, is all about keeping connections strong and showing concern. When folks are away from worship for a while, as tends to happen in the summer, connections with the congregation can get somewhat strained. Individual and family concerns can come up that are unaddressed because caring people in the congregation are not aware of them.


To address this dynamic, I have established a ministry I will be referring to as “Two Con Contacts.” Two Con Contacts will be a way of keeping Connections strong and showing loving Concern. (Note the two “cons” in connections and concern.) I have trained a caring group of folks who are committed to connecting with members and friends of St. Luke’s, high school age and above, who have shown interest in being a regular part of the St. Luke’s worshipping congregation, but have missed worship for a couple of Sundays.


Please understand if you are contacted, it is to make sure we are keeping connections in the congregation strong and showing concern for situations that might have come up. Those making contact will let me know if there are concerns or situations I need to respond to, and then I will do my very best to get to you as soon as possible.


This ministry will not address the needs of homebound members and friends of St. Luke’s. They are served through visitation by members of the Evangelism Board and me. It also doesn’t address the needs of members and friends who worship just every once in a while. To serve them, we will be sending invitations to special congregational events from the Evangelism Board. The next invitation will be for our special June 18th Father’s Day service with ice cream sundaes after worship.


The group receiving Two Con contacts will, of course, be fluid. Worship attendance changes for folks for many reasons. There are times when folks are at worship every Sunday, and times when that isn’t happening so much. My hope and prayer is that the Two Con Contacts ministry will assure you that we do notice and care about what is going on in your life.


This ministry has been going on just a few weeks now, but already some friendships and solid relationships are being formed through the contacts. If by chance you miss worship for a while and you are not contacted, please let me know right away. I do my best to keep accurate records of worship attendance, but I can certainly make mistakes. I wouldn’t leave you out of this ministry on purpose—unless, of course, that is your desire. Also, if you worship almost every Sunday, or just every once in a while, but still would like to be contacted, let me know. I would be happy to make sure that happens.


Feel free to contact me anytime with comments or suggestions about the Two Con Contacts ministry. Please pray for those making the contacts. They are making a huge commitment to be a part of this ministry. The current Two Con Contacts group includes Laura Tice, Peggy Moser, Faith Thomas, and Carole Vance. Please pray with me that this ministry helps us keep our congregational connections strong and loving concern flowing among us.


Spreading, Serving, and Sharing with You,

Pastor Carl