The Evangelism Board welcomes people into St. Luke’s community of believers and cares for the congregation. We live out the gospel of love, creating a supportive church family.

To create a friendly atmosphere on Sunday mornings, our friendly greeters will meet you at the door, and we provide name tags for everyone, even visitors. We want our members and visitors to get to know each other personally.We also serve refreshments after the service, and we all enjoy snacking and chatting with each other. If you’re a new visitor, we’ll be sure to say hi – and we’ll give you a small gift to express how glad we are to meet you.

To encourage true friendships to form within the congregation, we organize small diners’ groups throughout the year. Singles, couples, and families are organized into small groups that meet for dinner once a month, for three months. You can meet at a restaurant (with split checks), provide a meal in your home, or include an activity along with dinner – there’s no one way to do it! This fellowship opportunity helps our members get to know each other and form strong bonds with their fellow churchgoers. Fostering personal relationships is an essential part of St. Luke’s ministry, because we want our members to feel like they belong to a true church family.

We reach out to members who can’t physically attend our services – bringing them cheer, praying for them, and keeping them connected to the church body. Every other Tuesday, Pastor Carl and a member of the congregation visit those who are sick, in the hospital, in care homes, or housebound. Let us know if you would like to accompany Pastor Carl to join in this important ministry.

The Evangelism Board helps manage many of St. Luke’s annual events and meals, such as the Epiphany and Easter breakfasts, the Father’s Day pie and ice cream social, Lenten soup suppers, and the Reformation Sunday heritage potluck. We enjoy providing meals that give our congregation the opportunity to fellowship, worship, and eat together.


Reformation Sunday Heritage Potluck, October 28, 2018:

This is a annual event to celebrate the Reformation, our Lutheran Heritage and our personal family heritages. We will learn about Martin Luther and the Reformation. 

Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish representing your heritage, or a favorite family recipe to share. You are also invited to help us decorate the tables by bringing a family keepsake or something that shows off your heritage.

If you can attend, please sign up at the Opportunity Table, at the back of the sanctuary . We want to be sure to provide plenty of seating and tables.

Pauline, could you please provide the Sign Up Sheets for the Reformation. We need to have on the Opportunity Table by October 7, 2018.

After Worship Refreshments:

October 7th: Carol Carney & Ofelia Ojeda

October 14th: Pauline Arndt & Carole Vance

October 21st: Mack & Carole Vance

October 28th: Reformation Potluck

Visitor’s Gifts:

October 7th: Pat Hamilton

October 14th: Steven Lee

October 21st: Carol Carney

October 28th: Gail Weber