St. Luke’s Youth

St. Luke’s Youth, or SLY, provides a place for youth to join in fellowship, fun, and service. At St. Luke’s, we believe it is essential for our youth to participate in the church’s ministry and mission, supporting the health and diversity of the church. SLY welcomes all youth starting in Confirmation or in grades 6th through 12th.

By doing special service projects, our youth use their time and energy to serve our local community; they love carrying out St. Luke’s mission to “share the victory.” The youth also enhance church activities through their service to the congregation.

Through these ministry opportunities as well as recreational activities, SLY creates a supportive community where our young people can enjoy friendships and the fellowship of our Lutheran faith.

Until a new pastor is Called and/or a SLY Mentor is found, SLY Activities and Confirmation are currently on hiatus. Contact the Church President if you are interested in being a part of this Church Mission.

Ongoing Fundraisers (Subject to Change)

To support its activities, SLY collects aluminum cans and plastic bottles. To donate, place the recyclables in the barrel located at the back of Shultz Hall.

Each winter, the SLY youth and board members offer beautiful wall calendars for sale. Supplies are limited, so when you see them, get one before they run out!

Our fall fundraiser is yummy pumpkin bread. This delicious treat is one that can’t be beat. Pre-order your loaves a few weeks before Thanksgiving for delivery on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.