The Property Board is responsible for general custodial management; we take care of St. Luke’s property, facilities, equipment, and furnishings. We manage security, operations, care, maintenance, and improvement.

To care for the church buildings and grounds, the Board sets up contracts for landscaping and janitorial services. The board members, along with other volunteers, complete some minor duties around the church. A few times a year, the whole congregation joins together in All Members Work Days to help keep St. Luke’s in good condition.

The Board is also responsible for anticipating, planning, and proposing any necessary improvements to the property. We work to increase efficiency in the property’s systems (like irrigation, lighting, and heating and cooling). We also endeavor to minimize losses and vandalism – and, when necessary, we take care of repairs or replacements.

When the Finance Board sets St. Luke’s annual budget, we make recommendations regarding utilities, maintenance, repairs, and improvements. The general budget covers our ongoing expenses and minor improvements, but all our major projects are funded by the 4th-of-July Fireworks Booth and the annual Crab Feed. Support these fun and important events to help maintain St. Luke’s property and buildings!